BarreFly - Xtend Barre On The Terrace

Studio Name: Xtend Barre On The Terrace
Address: 90 The Terrace, Wellington Central 6011
Country: New Zealand
Contact number: +64274742007

BarreFly - Xtend Barre On The Terrace
90 The Terrace
Wellington Central 6011
New Zealand


The Competitive Gymnast

  • Emma Slattery (20)
    When i 'retired' after 15 years of competitive gymnastics, i knew it would be difficult to curb my desire for strength, flexibility and being upside down. i also quickly realised that going without these components day after day was beginning to take its toll on my body; in particular the 7 years of Acrobatic Gymnastics and having other gymnasts standing on or being supported by my body had left a marked effect on my back, shoulders and knees. My cousin suggested i try AntiGravity yoga, as it contains the mix of strength, flexibility and upside down i was so used to. I now do one AGY session and one strength/ tumbling session every week. I find the AGY helps me to increase my flexibility and reduce/ negate some of the wear on my body the the gymnastics causes. It has also helped me improve my posture and balance, as well as help me relax when im stressed about university. Its also great fun!