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TACFIT Athlete (Instructor in Training)
Clubbells Athlete (Instructor in Training)

Chiropractor (Sport)
BAppSciComMed (Chiro) MClinicalChio
Advanced Selective Functional Movement Assessment
Functional Movement Screen
NeuroDynamics and Active Release Technique Provider

Studio Jurmaine Health
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The Master Yoga Instructor

  • Renae Stevens
    I have enjoyed 20 years of teaching yoga and believe the yogic methods offer keystones for physical vitality and mental health. However to receive the benefits of advanced yoga practices, such as inversions, requires careful, committed physical development in order to execute the postures safely, and may never be suitable for some bodies to attempt due to existing vulnerabilities. AntiGravity® removes this limitation by providing a system where an individual can experience the circulatory benefits immediately of advanced postures such as the inversion with zero risk of compression injury. It has the ability to be used as a progressive training to prepare for full loading in floor yoga and can develop a sensory understanding of advanced skills and rapidly improve alignment awareness and proprioceptive neuromuscular control. It can also be used to functionally condition the individual using varying relationships to gravity. The greatest joy of teaching AntiGravity® for me is knowing that every student can access these benefits and be in control of their own adjustments by learning how to effectively use the hammock. For my own longevity as a teacher, I have found relief for my joints that have suffered from repetitive compressive movements in teaching yoga, allowing me to keep teaching without wearing my own body out!