Shermaine Wong - Studio Jurmaine Health

Studio: Jurmaine Health Anti Gym
TACFIT Athlete (Instructor in Training)
Clubbells Athlete (Instructor in Training)

Chiropractor (Sport)
BAppSciComMed (Chiro) MClinicalChio
Advanced Selective Functional Movement Assessment
Functional Movement Screen
NeuroDynamics and Active Release Technique Provider

Studio Jurmaine Health
538A Murray Road
Preston VIC 3072


The Martial Artist

  • Kirsten Jackes
    As a MARTIAL ARTIST (Japanese Jujitsu) I've seen great improvements in my core strength, muscle tone, balance, flexibility and even my grip strength! This has been a great boon for my ground-fighting work, and I'm generally feeling more grounded and balanced with other techniques, including my breathing. Initially I figured that of course it would improve my flexibility, but I hadn't expected the extra strength gains, streamlining and toning of my body - gotta be happy with that!. AG®Yoga leaves me with a happy endorphin high after every class!