AntiGravity® Instructor Mentor Program

What is Mentoring?

“Mentoring” is a modern word that describes an integral experience of guidance given between teacher and trainee or student. Mentorship provides the ongoing professional and personal support necessary for all teachers, at all levels of seniority and experience, who are committed to continuing the journey of learning.
Traditionally, the skills of all art forms were passed down through direct contact with a teacher allowing the student to deeply focus on their personal experience before applying their skills and knowledge to aid others.
Mentorship is a way to provide the support that is often missing for a new teacher once teacher training is complete and helps one to:
Develop an embodied understanding of biomechanics, physiology and psychology
Develop diversity in teaching methodology
Develop skills in communication as an educator in mind-body training
Develop skills in observation and postural assessment
Develop skills in applying physical adjustments and kinesthetic awareness cues
Develop skills in class planning, balanced sequencing and therapeutic approaches
Develop a strong foundation in personal practice and define ones own authentic teaching style
Build resilience and character strength through identifying personal resources
Develop compassion for self and empathy for others
Connect and find support
Your mentor is a friend to walk with through a journey of learning. It is a meaningful and confidential relationship. Your mentor works with you to define a program to address your individual needs and goals.
Group mentoring is also available. This works well with 3 – 4 participants who are developing teachers at the same level. Learning in a group provides insights not only from the mentor but from the other participants.

How do I start?

To be engage in a mentoring program there are a couple of simple steps.
Provide a brief of your background and goals
Schedule a 20 minute introductory session to make sure this program is appropriate for your needs and desired outcomes
Once we decide this is just what you are looking for, we discuss if the mentorship is to be delivered by bi-weekly/weekly/monthly sessions.
A contract of commitment is signed and payment for program is issued.

Start Now!

To further your education and professional development attend private mentoring or teacher workshops with Renae: [email protected]

Master Instructor Renae Stevens

Qualified to hold trainings in: Fun1&2, AY1&2, SF 1&2, AG AIRBarre, AG Pilates, AG Restorative, AG Just Kids
Renae is one of Australia’s first AntiGravity® instructors trained personally by Christopher Harrison in NYC and was involved in launching AntiGravity® in Australia in 2011. Renae has been the principal educator for AntiGravity® in Australia and New Zealand since 2012.

Renae is a senior yoga teacher with 17 years of yoga teaching experience and is a certified level 5 AntiGravity® Master Instructor. Renae is a qualified Polestar Pilates Studio Rehab instructor and Franklin Method Educator. Her other studies include the completion of the 3 year intensive training program for Personalised Yoga Therapy at the Yoga Arts Academy in Melbourne, a 3 month residency circus arts training at the Beijing International School of Arts in China and physiotherapy foundation studies in anatomy and physiology at the University of Queensland. Renae also holds a master’s degree in Mental Health and is a registered Art Therapist and Yoga Therapist specializing in trauma recovery. Renae completed her Masters thesis on the benefits of AntiGravity and Art Therapy for youth with PTSD.

Renae is passionate in assisting teachers to achieve their greatest potential and develop refined skills to deliver the diverse AntiGravity® curriculum with creativity and flow.


The Computer User

  • Kirsten - Camp Hill
    As a COMPUTER USER for eight (plus!) hours a day, I know of the ergonomic and postural issues that can affect desk-bound workers. It's only recently that I realised, hang on, I'm no longer getting those regular blinding headaches that I used to get - despite all the modifications I'd made to my working environment - and I can only put that down to one change in my lifestyle - I've been doing AG®Yoga for the last six months!