Silver Leaf Yoga School - Merricks, Melbourne

In beautiful Merricks on the Mornington Peninsula, currently the largest studio in Melbourne to offer AG®Y, with up to 15 spaces per class. iyengar teacher Robin will seduce you in his beautiful studio!

Silver Leaf Yoga School
3361 Frankston-Flinders Rd
Melbourne VIC 3916


The Martial Artist

  • Kirsten Jackes
    As a MARTIAL ARTIST (Japanese Jujitsu) I've seen great improvements in my core strength, muscle tone, balance, flexibility and even my grip strength! This has been a great boon for my ground-fighting work, and I'm generally feeling more grounded and balanced with other techniques, including my breathing. Initially I figured that of course it would improve my flexibility, but I hadn't expected the extra strength gains, streamlining and toning of my body - gotta be happy with that!. AG®Yoga leaves me with a happy endorphin high after every class!